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I am Dr Swati Kedia Gupta, a licensed Clinical Psychologist registered with Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI) with 15+ years of experience in the field of Clinical Psychology at various prestigious institutes in India. I am working as an Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychology at AIIMS New Delhi since Dec 2022.

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We have all grown up listening to these beautiful fairy tales (and I am not even getting into the damsel in distress part), where everything ended well. The couple got united after all the hardships and troubles, and “lived happily ever after”. And all of us were happy, dreamy-eyed, with hopes in our hearts that we would all have these “fairy-tale romances”.  We enter relationships- dating,...

“The Therapist’s Liberty to be Human”

Our clients are intrinsically woven into our lives and affect us deeply, both positively and negatively. How we deal with those emotions is what makes us human.

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Anxiety is a common emotion. Sometimes, it is adaptive and other times, dysfunctional. Here are top 20 motivational quotes that will remind you that its just a phase and you are in control.

Cognitive Restructuring

The cornerstone of Cognitive Behavior Therapy is being able to recognise and challenge one's dysfunctional patterns of thinking. This document would be useful for clients attempting to understand and change their thoughts and for fellow mental health professionals to use with their clients. Download the document here

When The Therapist Needs Therapy

I am a psychotherapist who see about 4-5 clients (individuals, couples, families) per day - with myriad of issues and problems ranging from mild to severe in various age groups, gender, and sexual orientations. As mental health care professionals, we not only hear the sad stories, but to heal, we go deeper into the psyche of an individual, absorbing their pains and reflecting back hope. I still...

Mental Status Examination

The ultimate tool of the mental health professional. A thorough mental status examination can tell a clinician more about the client than any test. Learn how to conduct a MSE in clients with mental health issues. Download


“It was my first encounter with a clinical psychologist. I never thought in the wildest of my dreams that there is a therapy that treats without pills. I was unsure of my problems, of what I would say to the “doctor”. But after a few sessions, she extracted all there was to extract… and this extraction was necessary.

I tell what I feel like telling, without a slightest hesitation of being judged. Dr Swati’s satisfactory advices, sheer friendly attitude and her mastery on understanding an issue is quite magical.

I tell her something in gibberish and she makes sense out of it and present before me a solution to all “those problems”. I wait for each of her sessions.”


SS (Book Cover Artist)


I am attending sessions with Dr Swati since three months. She has a very good nature, is patient while listening, understands and solves problems. She is a highly skillful therapist in terms of implementing methods in the right way, at the right time. She allows the person to be totally comfortable with her in the session. She is systematic in her approach and helps not only by talking but also giving genuine solutions (all worksheets she gave me really helped). 

M (student)


I Never felt that I am discussing my problems with an outsider….I always felt very comfortable with Dr Swati….very motivative and always tells us to smile. Moreover I have started feeling positive from her. She also makes us understand….how have to have confidence in yourself.



I am suffering from OCD since 10 years. I am on medication. Treatment should also include cognitive behavioral therapy in addition to medication. Being a OCD patient, I m v indecisive. Irrelevant thoughts adversely affect my day to day work, dr swati made me learn how to challenge those thoughts with thought challenging technique. She listens to her patient v carefully. She helped me taking personal decisions. I usually concentrate on negative side of every person including my family but she helped me to concentrate on overall personality of a person.



Dear Dr Swati you are an intelligent and compassionate therapist…your empathy is excellent…patient and care givers require such a warm atmosphere which u provide during our sessions..Best Wishes
Relative of a Client with Aspergers

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